Through knowing our children well…

King Charles (13 of 52)We know that if our pupils are going to shine, they need to feel safe and loved.  That’s why we place well-being at the heart of all we do; for everyone at King Charles.  At King Charles we approach the welfare of our pupils in a positive way to enable our children to feel happy and secure in their learning. We get to know all our children really well and track their progress in order to personalise provision and subsequently ensure children’s individual needs are met and they reach their full potential. We do this through understanding and planning for different learning styles and ensuring our teaching is vibrant, motivating and engages all; we have high expectations of every single one of our children and believe there is no ceiling on what can be achieved.

In lessons and in recreational activities our children are encouraged to question, reflect and make choices, so they can develop into tomorrow’s active citizens. This not only prepares them for their education in later years, but develops the skills required to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

“Highly individualised and interesting activities linking directly to National Curriculum levels challenge, engage and motivate pupils to achieve well.” Ofsted

“Teachers’ marking in books and oral feedback accelerates pupils’ achievement rapidly. “ Ofsted