Learning though doing…exploring…creating

Here at King Charles we believe that children should experience the joys of being creative, solving problems and making discoveries, leading to success and achievement. Therefore we are committed to providing a high quality all-round education and are constantly seeking ways of enriching school life, whether it’s through after-school activities, creative teaching methods or links with the community.KingCharles (38 of 256)

We want our pupils to shine!  In addition to academic studies we love opportunities to develop artistic, sporting, musical and creative talents.   A wide range of after school clubs, trips and residential camps ensure that we can motivate all of our children; King Charles pupils are encouraged to take pride in their own and other children’s achievements and to approach learning with confidence and enthusiasm.

“Pupils thoroughly enjoy lessons and coming to school” Ofsted

“The range and quality of activities available stimulate pupils’ enjoyment of learning exceptionally well.” Ofsted

“The curriculum is impressive. It provides a range and quality of activities that promote a high level of pupils’ enjoyment when learning.” Ofsted