Upper Key Stage Two

Our Upper Key Stage Two team prepare our pupils as they move through the final stages of their primary school education and build on the successes of their journey so far…  Susanne James oversees Upper Key Stage Two as Phase Leader and is always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Years 5 and 6.

  • Catherine Coles – Year 5 Class Teacher
  • Sam Williams – Year 5 Class Teacher
  • Susanne James – Year 6 Class Teacher
  • Cathy Brokenshire (Deputy Headteacher) and Hannah Pickford – Year 6 Class Teachers
    (To support Cathy Brokenshire in her role as Deputy Headteacher, 6BP is taught by both Cathy Brokenshire and Hannah Pickford enabling some time out of the class for Deputy Head time).

Our UKS2 Team is supported by Shelley Holmes, Emma Seager, Michelle Cox, Sam Belt, Rachel Brinkhof, Emma Seager, Lynne Blake and Sam Bradbury.

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