Friends from the start…

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We give our pupils lots of opportunities to make and strengthen friendships whether at play or during more planned opportunities such as KCT Time.

We believe strongly that as well as ‘teaching’ all of those things you’d expect us to, we also need to ensure that we ‘teach’ our pupils how to be good friends too.  By enabling our pupils to understand how important our school, British and Christian values are, we equip them with key understanding and strategies to be good friends.

Through Circle Time, PSHE learning, our school rules and our ethos we support our pupils to be good friends, accept that there are sometimes challenges and also how to build friendships.

We know that the values we reflect upon here at KC are quite simply good values for life.  To have high aspirations, to be able to value friendships, work as a team and think creatively our pupils will achieve: they will shine!

Transition is a key part of making and strengthening friendships:

At KC we place great emphasis on making friends and forging positive, rewarding relationships.  We know how important a successful transition is – whether that’s when joining us, moving within our school or when moving on into the next phase of education.  At KC, this starts with the children’s very first experiences as we provide a thorough and carefully planned transition in the Summer term before the children join us in Reception in September.  Through visits, stay and play sessions, individual and group meetings you will be able to get to know the staff and the classrooms really well, resulting in both the child and you as the parent feeling informed and confident that your child is going to be happy and well looked after.

As pupils move through our school we build in transition time ahead of the move into a new year group after the summer.  This helps pupils to settle, become familiar and spend valuable time with the adults they will be working with.

For our Year 6 pupils, we work closely with our secondary partners to ensure that moving from KC to secondary school is smooth.  We provide a week of transition for our Year 6 pupils which enables new friendships to be forged and opportunity to become familiar with places and faces in each new school.

Playing together…

Our emphasis on friendship continues throughout the school with numerous curriculum opportunities for children to explore and work together, to develop strong bonds and connections, and to create memories together. This means we take full advantage of our school grounds and our stunning coastal locality for play, for exploring and for investigating the natural environment. We also ensure there are many opportunities for childrKingCharles (118 of 256)en to have a voice in the school and to actively support each other. This includes a highly effective School Council, playground buddies and Year 6 ambassadors. In addition, regular King Charles Together Time (KCT Time) where are all the children are vertically grouped in to mixed age classes, is a wonderful opportunity for developing new friendships through playing, and through spending time with younger and older children.

Exploring our locality …

KingCharles (14 of 256)Our school is positioned very close to the beautiful beaches of Falmouth and we take full advantage of the opportunities this provides for fun and exciting visits together. We love exploring our locality and in addition to the beaches we regularly visit Pendennis Castle, the Maritime Museum, Gyllyngdune and Fox Rosehill Gardens, and Falmouth Art Gallery and Library. We also love taking part in local events such as the Oyster Festival. Tall Ships and the Sea Shanty Festival ; we love being together.