KingCharles (86 of 256)If you are considering applying for a place in our school for pupils in Reception through to Year 6, this process is managed by Cornwall Council as our coordinating body.  Nursery places are managed by the school and to do this, call the office who will be happy to help.

The Cornwall Council website contains all of the information you will need including the necessary contacts, forms and procedures that you’ll need to know about in order to enroll your child in our school.  You will need to use the Cornwall site if you are:

*Applying for a Reception place

*Applying for a place in Years 1 to 6

*Looking to find our school Admissions Policy.  We follow the Local Authority (LA) policy and this is available online.

The Cornwall Council admissions site can be accessed by clicking here.

Of course, to help you in this process we are always happy to help and the best person to contact in our school is Zoe Chambers who can be contacted by calling the school office.  She’s happy to help you navigate the necessary forms and it’s Zoe that will coordinate visits to our school and admission to the school.