Ex Days!

KingCharles (14 of 256)We are so excited to be able to further extend our commitment to our core values of ‘creativity’, ‘friendship’ and ‘teamwork’ this year by introducing this new, innovative way of delivering part of our curriculum.  Every two weeks, pupils will experience activities in each year group from Years 1 through to 6 in this new, exciting way – Ex- days!


These fortnightly activity days will be a creative way of enabling our children to experience their studies in a really active and dynamic way; they will experience extra special activities to enrich and enhance their curriculum.

We have named these ‘ex days’ as their focus will be on any of the following ….. expeditions, exercise, exciting adventures, expressive arts, experiential learning, exploring the wider world, becoming an expert, carrying out experiments, or extending existing studies, skills and interests.

Our ex team, who carefully plan and prepare these days have really enjoyed delivering these activities across the school and have loved the feedback from our pupils.

Mrs Venton, Mr Eddy and Mrs Nancarrow will use this area of our website to share some of the outcomes from these days… keep coming back to see what we’ve been up to!

This Half Term’s Ex-Days:

Year 1: Tues 18 Apr, Tues 2 May, Tues 16 May       Year 2: Tues 25 Apr, Tues 9 May, Tues 23 May

Year 3: Wed 19 Apr, Wed 3 May, Wed 17 May       Year 4: Wed 26 Apr, Wed 10 May, Wed 24 May

Year 5: Thurs 20 Apr, Thurs 4 May, Thurs 18 May  Year 6: Thurs 27 Apr, Thurs 11 May, Thurs 25 May

Spring Term

In our Ex day lessons this term we have looked at the topics below which have all promoted Friendship, Teamwork and Creativity.

Please view the overviews to see the outcomes of the topic days.

Creating Cornish Stories Overview for all Year Groups
Abstract Art of Kandinsky Overview for all Year Groups
Chinese New Year Overview for all Year Groups
Collage based underwater Overview for all Year Groups
Astronomy Overview for all Year Groups
Easter Traditions Overview for all Year Groups