School Development

The following aspects briefly summarise where our priorities lie over the next academic year.

School Improvement Plan 2019 – 20

Priorities for 2019-2020

Quality of Education

Early Years Foundation Stage – Progress through EYFS, provision for more able pupils and provision to support closing the gap in attainment between boys and girls and PPG and non-PPG pupils.

Nursery – Re-launch the school’s nursery provision ensuring that it meets the needs of stakeholders

Curriculum – Ensure effective implementation and impact of curriculum with clear sequences of learning and progression of components.  Quality of outcomes – books reflecting the quality of the curriculum and standards met.

Writing –    Increase the % of pupils writing at greater depth across the school;
Increase the % of boys attaining the expected standard in writing in KS1

Maths –      Close the gap in progress between girls and boys

Reading –   Develop a whole-school reading strategy encouraging reading for pleasure and acquisition of vocabulary

Increase the % of boys attaining the expected standard in reading at KS1

Assessment – Embed assessment systems in school to ensure that these drill down into prior attainment groups’ attainment

Disadvantaged Pupils – Close the internal gaps between PPG and non-PPG pupils in reading in KS2 and writing in KS1

SEND –      Maintain levels of progress for SEND pupils ensuring appropriate and impactful intervention and support

Behaviour and Attitudes

Attendance Increase the % PPG attendance to in-line with national in all year groups
Lateness: introduce a rigorous system of tracking lateness to ensure that learning time is not lost

Behaviour – Assess the impact of the school’s new behaviour policy identifying areas of strength and development

Vision and Values – Embed the school’s vision of ensuring that KC is a school, ‘where everyone shines’

Personal Development

Christian Distinctiveness – further embed the school’s values by linking these to known stories from scripture

Spirituality – Develop further opportunities and spaces for spiritual reflection

British Values – Embed the teaching of British Values into the school’s curriculum

Outdoor Space – Develop the outdoor environment to enable pupils to learn and play in exciting, engaging spaces

Health and Well-being – Embed the Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) approach and support the well-being of staff

Leadership and Management

Governance – Ensure effective governance of the school through ensuring that the 3 core functions of governance are fulfilled through effective systems and processes

Leadership – Develop further the skill and impact within the middle leadership team

Leadership – Build on the current capacity and capability of the school leadership team