School Development

King Charles School
Priorities for 2018 – 2019

The following aspects briefly summarise where our priorities lie over the next academic year.

Outcomes for pupils (standards)                                                                

  • Early Years – Improve boys’ writing attainment to close the gap to within national average
  • Build improvement in Phonics attainment for Reception and KS1 so that results are in-line with National Average with the aim to raise attainment by 5%
  • Reading – Increase boys’ reading attainment (maintaining % above National average) but closing gap between boys and girls
  • Maths – Increase the percentage of girls attaining the expected standard
  • RE – Embed the ‘Understanding Christianity’ curriculum to ensure that pupils develop a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice
  • More Able – Increase the percentage of more able pupils attaining ‘greater depth’

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                                                       

  • Embed specific strategies for teaching mastery i.e. editing in English, higher order thinking and questioning skills and Reasoning in Maths to raise progress measures
  • Use summative assessment tools and periodic testing to ensure valid and reliable assessments are in place subsequently enabling tracking of all pupils and inform teaching towards end of key stage outcomes
  • Use the Falmouth MAT ‘Great Teachers’ Toolkit’ as an integral part of CPD to raise all teaching to at least good
  • Implementation of Whole School Targets and the tracking of attainment of these informing next steps

Personal development, behaviour and welfare                                         

  • Embed ‘HeadStart’ transition from Thrive through creating new ‘STAR’ (Space, Time And Reflection) space and training staff to lead on its implementation and monitoring across the school
  • Develop a whole school approach to Circle Time developing positive relationships and thus impacting on positive behaviour
  • Review of Behaviour Policy and procedures to be embedded to reduce behaviour incidents and ensure clear and consistent rewards and sanctions are in place
  • Implementation of behaviour management systems and tracking to ensure that types of behaviour, patterns and individual pupils can be monitored and supported

Leadership & Management                                                                                 

  • Develop roles and responsibilities of new SLT team to ensure clear lines of management and accountability in place
  • Lead CPD related to the Great Teachers’ Toolkit
  • Ensure rigor within Performance Management through introducing revised systems to support tracking and accountability
  • Embed monitoring and impact of Governance through the Local Advisory Body and MAT Board