School Development

KingCharles (33 of 256)Priorities for 2015 – 2016

The following aspects summarise where our

priorities lie over the next academic year.



Outcomes for pupils (standards)                                                                

  • Early Years –Improve Reading and Writing Attainment for boys and girls
  • Reading – Maintain excellent provision
  • Writing – Inspire and raise standards for all
  • Maths – More able mathematicians – increase the number of pupils achieving more than expected progress
  • PPG – continue good or better rates of progress but decrease gap between them and their non PPG peers

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                                                       

  • Introduce and embed new Assessment practices and tools (Target Tracker).
  • Review pedagogy of whole class and group teaching through “Let’s think in English” initiative and subsequently increase number of outstanding judgements.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare                                       

  • Reduce number and severity of pupil emotional/mental health issues through introducing “Thrive” initiative across the whole school.
  • Develop PSHE curriculum.
  • Improve staff health, sense of well – being and job satisfaction through bespoke provision.

Leadership and Management                                                                                 

  • Develop staff expertise with the new national curriculum including the new assessments requirements – subsequently fine tune curriculum.
  • Develop new website as a more effective tool for pupils, staff and parents and governors – ensure full statutory compliance.
  • Embed new leadership roles of Head of School, Head of Teaching and Learning, Executive Head.


To view the School Development update letter sent to parents in July 2016, click here.