School Development


We update our parents with the progress we are making against our development aims each term.  Click below to view previous School Development Letters to parents:
January 2017
March 2018

Our Priorities for 2017-18

The following aspects summarise where our priorities lie over the next academic year.

Outcomes for pupils (standards)                                                                

  • Early Years – All children make at least expected progress in Writing and Physical development
  • Maintain improvement in Phonics development for Reception and KS1
  • Reading – Increase % of pupils attaining at expected standard in all year groups, develop diversity, fluency and speed of reading, review whole class and group teaching of reading
  • Writing – Improve KS2 Spelling scores, review handwriting policy and practice
  • Maths – Increase % of pupils attaining at expected standard in all year groups, in particular with regards to rapid recall of number facts
  • PPG – continue good or better rates of progress but decrease gap between them and their non PPG peers

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                                                        

  • Ensure consistency and impact of 3-part teaching model and further develop specific strategies for teaching mastery (Part 3 “Moving on”) i.e editing in English, higher order thinking skills in LTE and Reasoning in Maths
  • Embed Assessment practices and tools (Target Tracker) and further establish standards banks thereby quality assuring judgements
  • Review and develop RE curriculum through involvement in the Diocese’ “Understanding Christianity “ project
  • Develop Spirituality through creating areas of reflection inside and outside

Personal development, behaviour and welfare                                         

  • Reduce number and severity of pupil emotional/mental health issues through consolidating “Thrive” initiative across the whole school.
  • Implement PSHE curriculum.
  • Improve staff health, sense of well – being and job satisfaction through bespoke provision.

Leadership and Management                                                                                  

  • Establish MAT leadership and governance
  • Develop leadership of core subjects
  • Implement first stage of outside improvement project and complete library