Worship and Reflection at Home

In school, we often talk about the comfort and peace that reflection can bring. Some people choose to use this time for prayer. On this page we are building resources and ideas that can be used to help you to do this away from school in your own homes and quiet spaces.

Sometimes when life feels confusing, difficult or sad, we can help each other by remembering some of the things we do in school including our special school prayers and hymns. These can give us strength, hope and comfort to help us feel better. You may like to spend some time praying and reflecting with your family, on your own, silently or praying out loud. 

There are three main reasons people choose to pray: to say thank you, sorry or please. On this page, you will find resources to help you and your child with these prayers and also some activities to promote reflection, giving thanks and being reflective.

Talk to children about simple prayers, like what they are thankful for. For example, encourage them to start with, “I thank God for my family”, or “I pray for my pets”. You may like to use some of the prayer activities to encourage discussion. Praying could be at any time during the day, or when experiencing a special, spiritual moment, such as watching the sunrise, listening to a favourite piece of music or whilst focusing on a flickering candle. Children may like to pray when drawing a picture, whilst out walking or being around nature.

Some ideas for creative prayer

Familiar Hymns and Prayers

How to Create a Hope Mobile

Make a thankful tree at home

Praying about hopes and dreams

Pebble prayers

Prayers for during this period – Truro Diocese

Local Christian Church Services

New Street Church – You Tube Channel

Budock Church – YouTube Channel

Worship Themes

Our worship theme for the first half of the Spring Term is HOPE. Click this link to head to the New Street Church page where you will be able to hear some stories about this theme.

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Here’s a story read by Jane from New Street Church all about the love of God and thankfulness. The story is read from the Lion Storyteller’s Bible and is called ‘The Two Sons’.

What can you learn from the two sons in this story? What are you thankful for?

We think of our value of friendship through the story from Luke 5, where four friends lower their paralysed friend through the roof of a building so that Jesus can heal him. That’s incredible friendship: from this story we can reflect on their compassion for their friend, their faith and trust in Jesus and the hope they had for their friend to be healed.

Here is Jane from New Street Church reading the story for us to enjoy.

Another story of friendship is below. In this story, Jane reads about Jesus’ special friends, his disciples, from the Storyteller Bible.

New Street Church

My Lighthouse by Rend Collective Cover by New Street Church

Fruits of the Spirit New Street Church – Midweek Slot for Children

Bible Pilates

Click here for a Pilates routine for children that is demonstrated whilst telling a Bible story. This one is the story of Jonah, with some great exercises.


You may want to try to create a Labyrinth.  For more information click here.

Please see the examples below and this template that you could use.

Share Your Prayers

People Portrait Prayer Ideas

Please feel free to write your own prayers and send them to us via learningathome@king-charles.cornwall.sch.uk and we will add them to this prayer page.