Statutory Information

In this part of our school website you will find details about the information that we are required to share with you.

Schools are required to share the following and the list below shows where this can be found on our website.

Information Website Tab Page Name
Admission arrangements Parents Admissions
Ofsted reports Statutory Information OfSTED
Assessment results Statutory Information Performance Data
Curriculum Pupils and Learning Curriculum
Behaviour Policy Statutory Information Policies
Pupil Premium details Statutory Information Pupil premium
PE and Sport Premium Statutory Information Sports Premium
Special Educational Needs details Parents SEND Support
Equality Objectives Statutory Information Policies
Complaints Policy Statutory Information Policies
Annual reports and accounts Homepage Falmouth MAT
Trustees information and duties Homepage Falmouth MAT
Charging and remissions policy Statutory Information Policies
Values and Ethos About KC Our Values, Aims and Ethos

As always if there are any questions about this information, please do not hesitate in making contact with us.