Learning and playing together…

KingCharles (239 of 256)Independence and individuality are actively promoted at King Charles, however we also ensure that our children and staff have numerous opportunities to work collaboratively.

Teamwork skills of active listening, participation, mutual respect for and acceptance of others are all actively promoted at King Charles and our curriculum as a whole places great emphasis on teaching these specific skills. We also recognise that schools are social places too and so we offer numerous different clubs throughout the year ranging from football to dance to art. These are skills that equip children to socialise and to be a part of the world that they are growing up in and develop the social skills that help them do this.King Charles (9 of 52)

At King Charles our adults love teamwork too! School staff work collaboratively and enjoy mutual support in their goal to provide excellent learning experiences for our youngsters. Similarly, we are well supported by a vibrant community of parents and volunteers who work to fund raise as well as provide lots of lovely social events for all families to enjoy.